The company

  • SiTec PharmaBio is a technology-based Company, based at Parc Cientific de Barcelona, Spain, established in October 2009.
  • Originated from SiTec Consulting, a service company, established at Bioindustry Park Canavese, Ivrea (Torino), Italy, since 2000.
  • SiTec PharmaBio has a collaboration agreement with Messer Group, and an exclusive licence for the development and application of a novel, proprietary, dense gas technology, in the pharmaceutical, biopharma and other life-sciences sectors.
  • Sitec PharmaBio focuses on the early stage development of innovative products, based on accessible, patent expiring drugs with high market value, and clear unmet clinical needs.
  • Sitec PharmaBio aims to establish collaboration programs with companies developing proprietary molecules which may benefit from Variosol process.
  • SiTec PharmaBio, directly or through its network, also offers consulting services and expertise to pharma and biotech companies in early stage drug product development and in drug delivery.
  • Services also include regulatory and compliance aspects of pharmaceutical R&D, strategic and technical support to start-up companies, and highly qualified training programs.