Equipment and process capability

One of the key challenges often faced by novel drug delivery technologies is the cost-effective transition from laboratory bench to larger scales of pilot, clinical and industrial manufacturing. Too often, promising delivery systems have failed when the transfer from lab bench to an industrially viable process proved not feasible, or too complex and expensive to be profitable.

Variosol ® technology has the advantage to be already established in non pharmaceutical sectors, where scaleability to large volumes and process simplicity are required to guarantee business margins. Such features represent considerable advantages for pharmaceutical product development.

Lab Scale - Small Pilot Equipment (Pharmalab)

Variosol Pharmalab equipment is designed with scaleability criteria in mind, and with compact dimensions (2.0 x 1.8 x 0.8 m) to fit in a small laboratory space. Lab scale feasibility tests, and small pilot runs (kilo-lab) can be performed on Pharmalab. Modular, small scale Pharmalab units can be assembled and operated at clients' sites.

Pilot Semi-Industrial Equipment

By our collaboration agreement with Messer, scale up tests could be performed using available pilot-scale equipment. Pilot equipment can reach product capacity of 50 to 100 kg / hour, thus making it suitable for small industrial production. (Photo Courtesy of Messer R&D Center).

Variosol ® is owned by Messer Group GmbH, protected by several patents, and exclusively licensed to SiTec PharmaBio for pharmaceutical, biotech and life-sciences applications