High drug loading capability in Microparticles

Variosol is a versatile technology that allows formulation of different types of drugs into a micronized, solid particulate form with the most appropriate classes of excipients. High drug loadings into microspheres are achievable with molecules of different charateristics.

Examples of drugs microparticles formulated with Variosol technology

Drug Molecule BCS Class Drug Properties Target Drug Loading in microparticles (% w/w)
Ketoprofene BCS II Controlled release 50%
5-ASA BCS III Pediatric formulation 35%
Metoclopramide BCS I Controlled Release More than 20%
Undisclosed 1 BCS II/IV Improved Solubilization, bioavailability 40%
Undisclosed 2 BCS II Improved Solubilization, bioavailability More than 30%
Undisclosed 3 BCS III Absorption Enhancement, improve bioavailability More than 30%