Pharmaceutical applications

With Variosol process it is possible to:

  • Micronize active molecules while embedding or encapsulating them into amphiphilic matrices
  • Create micronized delivery systems with high drug load and favorable biopharmaceutical properties, such as increased wettability, aqueous dispersibility, enhanced or modified solubilization kinetics
  • Convert drug crystals into micronized, stabilized amorphous forms, or into solid dispersions embedded within lipid or polymer matrices, or in composites
  • By the same principle of controlled crystallization of atomized materials under dense CO2 expansion, engineer drug particles as preformulated, novel microparticulate forms with improved biopharmaceutical characteristics.

Microparticles could be further formulated in conventional dosage forms for oral route, for localized therapies in the dermatological or respiratory areas, and as injectable depot systems. Applications in other life science sectors, such as veterinary medicine, cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals can be similarly developed.

Variosol produces microparticles as freely-flowable, solid powders which can be further processed in conventional dosage forms.