Microparticles for different delivery routes

Depending on choice of excipients and processing conditions, solid microparticles of different particles size, size distribution and physical properties can be prepared by Variosol.
Microparticles could be further formulated in conventional dosage forms for oral route, for localized therapies in the dermatological or respiratory areas, and as injectable depot systems.

Undiclosed drug (20% drug load) Microspheres suspended H2O/Tween 20. (200x)
Ketoprofene (40%) Microspheres Dry Powder (4x)
Ketoprofene (50%) Microspheres Dry Powder (5x)
Microspheres powders (< 5 μm) for inhalatory application. (200x)
5-ASA (30%) Microspheres dry powder
Microspheres containing BCS III drug