A cryospraying process based on expanding dense carbon dioxide as congealing, atomizing and drying agent to produce formulated microparticles.

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11 August, 2023

Oral administration of peptides: lipid microsystems by cryogenic carbon dioxide expansion

Very excited to have started a challenging project on "Oral administration of peptides: lipid microsystems by cryogenic CO2 expansion" (PEPCOX), leveraging the potential of CryoXpand® technology to uncover valuable insights and drive innovation in the field.
8 August, 2023

Health benefits from chitin processing wastewater

We are excited to continue our collaboration with Primex ehf in a project to convert bio-industrial waste into high value products. Industrial waste recovered from chitin production contains valuable natural molecules such as minerals, proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants (carotenoids).
9 January, 2023

SITEC pharmabio new addition to our team

We are delighted to welcome back Caroline Carrie in her new position as a Research Scientist and Ph.D. student through the collaboration program between SITEC and University of Barcelona.