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SiTec PharmaBio and Primex ehf partner in an R&D project to convert bioindustrial waste into high value products

SiTec PharmaBio and Primex ehf, an Icelandic marine biotech company  and a global leader in the manufacture and supply of pure chitin and chitosan products, are partners in a financed R&D program to obtain high-value micronized products from Primex bioindustrial process drainage fluids. SiTec PharmaBio will apply its cryospraying technology, alone and in combination with other dense CO2 – based processes, to develop  such products.

The project goal is to improve the conversion of bioindustrial waste into high value material, obtaining purified biomolecules such as carotenoids, fatty acids and proteins, in stable micronized forms. These purified, micronized formulations may be developed into valuable products for the nutritional, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets.

The project is funded by AVS R&D Fund of Ministry of Fisheries in Iceland, and includes industrial, research and academic partners: Primex ehf SiTec PharmaBio , the University of Akureyri (Iceland) and Matis ohf (Iceland).

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