We will be presenting a poster at SUSCHEM event “Aportando Valor al CO2, 3rd edition”. Madrid, 2-3 October 2019

The poster is entitled:


CO2-Cryospraying technology to convert extracts
from bioindustrial waste into high value micronized products


The poster describes how our innovative cryospraying technology, based on dense CO2 expansion, can be used to convert liquid or pasty extracts, into formulated microparticles. The resulting powders are suitable for applications in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetics industries.
As an integral part of a solvent-free CO2-based industrial line, which includes supercritical extraction, separation and formulation technologies, the cryospraying process presents a significant step forward in the valorization of bioindustrial waste and its transformation into valuable products.

Download the abstract here.

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