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SITEC pharmabio has successfully completed the construction of a new, pilot-scale CO2-Cryospraying equipment to develop lipid or lipid-polymer microspheres containing active molecules from natural sources. The solid microspheres present release properties that can ultimately improve the biomolecules efficacy. They can be used in food supplements, in nutraceuticals and pharmaceutical products.



In CO2-cryospraying technology  microspheres are formed during CO2 expansion at low temperatures, allowing to  process unstable  molecules that otherwise may be degraded by heat.   Furthermore this micronization technology  is eco-friendly, since it does not require the use of organic solvents, and consumes very low amounts of CO2, that may be recovered and recycled.



These activities were undertaken in the framework of CAMINA, a research project partially funded by CDTI (Spanish Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology), under the call PID-2017, and it is being performed in close collaboration with LEITAT technology center.


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