With our cryospraying technology it is possible to:

  • Formulate active molecules by embedding or encapsulating them into amphiphilic microparticles
  • Create micronized delivery systems with high drug load and favorable physical-chemical properties, such as enhanced or modified drug dissolution or solubilization kinetics
  • Convert crystalline drugs into stabilized amorphous forms, as solid dispersions in lipids, polymers and composite matrices
  • Engineer drug particles in fine, solid micronized forms with improved biopharmaceutical characteristics.

Microparticles could be further formulated in conventional dosage forms for oral route and for localized therapies in the dermatological area.

Microscopic images of some lipid-based microparticles


Microspheres containing 20% w/w drug in aqueous supension (200x)


Microspheres powder (< 5 µm) for inhalatory application (200x)


Ketoprofene (40% load) Microspheres Dry Powder (4x)


Microspheres containing biphosphonate drug

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