1 January, 2017

Biosafety of Biological Drug Products

This course will be valuable to a broad range of professionals in the biotechnology industry.
20 September, 2016

Stability Testing for Protein Drug Products and Substances: A Life-cycle Approach

This course is designed to serve the needs of professionals working on Innovator and Biosimilar Protein and Peptide stability during development, for approval, and for postmarketing studies.
30 June, 2016

CMC Simulation: A Hands-on Approach to Global Marketing Applications

This workshop is intended for individuals responsible for R&D/technical writing/quality management of original NDAs/ ANDAs/BLAs/MAAs/etc. and post-approval submissions in pharmaceutical companies.
19 September, 2015

Drug Product Stability and Shelf Life: An Intensive Review of Technical and Regulatory Aspects

This course contains in-depth coverage of the science and practice of drug stability, shelf-life and is designed to benefit the personnel.
5 September, 2015

SiTec PharmaBio and Primex ehf partner in an R&D project

SiTec PharmaBio and Primex ehf partner in an R&D project to convert bioindustrial waste into high value products.
15 June, 2015

Atomization and Spray Drying: Applied and Practical Approach

This course combines atomization and spray drying.
19 October, 2014

COURSE RESCHEDULED: Effective QbD (Quality by Design): A Second Generation Approach

This QbD course demonstrates the interaction of design space, knowledge basing, good analytical science and risk management with ICH Q2 principles, leading to successful analytical method validation.
11 June, 2014

Safety Assessment and Biocompatibility Evaluation: Medical Devices and Combination Products

12 March, 2014

SiTec PharmaBio presents at 11th SMI Annual Conference on Controlled Release Delivery, London (UK), March 12-13, 2014

SiTec PharmaBio was invited at SMI 11th Controlled Release Conference, March 12-13, 2018 in London, (UK).
5 February, 2014

Critical gases for critical issues: CO2 technologies for oral drug delivery, Therapeutic Delivery, Vol5, Nr.2, (2014), Review

In recent years, CO2-based technologies have gained considerable interest in the pharmaceutical industry for their potential applications in drug formulation and drug delivery.
9 September, 2013

Celecoxib loaded microparticles obtained by VarioSol® technology

25 June, 2013

Characterization of Proteins for Development and Approval of Protein Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines

This course will be of interest and value to scientists, supervisors, and managers whose work includes performing, supervising, or managing characterization of protein drugs and drug candidates during preclinical development, clinical development, and for post-marketing changes.
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