Innovative Cryospraying by eXpanding liquid dense CO2

Our cryospraying technology is based on the unique properties of rapidly expanding dense CO2 as congealing, atomizing and drying agent to produce microspheres in powder form.

During expansion, a cryogenic flow of CO2 works as a drying agent at low temperatures, leading to rapid atomization, particles formation and water removal from the solidifying product, also known as dewatering.

With CryoXpand® we develop lipid-composite formulations as solid micronized products for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets. Target product properties can be achieved by suitable selection of functional excipients and control of process parameters.


Equipment and process capability

The main challenges often faced by novel drug delivery technologies is the cost-effective transition from laboratory bench to larger scales of pilot, clinical and industrial manufacturing.

Cryospraying technology has the advantage to be already established in non-pharmaceutical sectors, where scalability to large volumes and process simplicity are required to guarantee business margins.

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