About us

We offer to our clients strong expertise in pharmaceutical product development.
Our R&D activities focus on the application of innovative technologies to develop pharmaceutical formulations and drug delivery systems.

Our logo: the Nautilus shell spiral

The Nautilus shell spiral is considered a symbol of beauty and proportional perfection in Nature, since ancient Greece times. Its perfect logarithmic spiral arises from the need to maintain the same proportions throughout growth, while ensuring structural strength and lightness to the shell.
SiTec PharmaBio has made this shell spiral its symbol to emphasize its commitment to create and maintain high professional standards and value to the pharmaceutical business, offering strong expertise and a lean, effectively built structure.
GREEN TECHNOLOGY Low environmental impact without use of organic solvents. Applied to circular economy: converting biological waste into high value products.
MICROPARTICLES BY CO2 EXPANSION Expanding CO2 rapidly cools, crystallizes and atomizes the liquid product to obtain solid fine microparticles.
BIOAVAILABILITY ENHANCEMENT Microparticles can create facilitating environment for drug dissolution and absorption.
SCALABILITY Cost-effective transition from lab bench to pilot and industrial scale.
PHARMACEUTICAL APPLICATIONS Microparticles formulated in conventional dosage forms for oral route and for localized therapies.

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