9 September, 2013

Celecoxib loaded microparticles obtained by VarioSol® technology

25 June, 2013

Characterization of Proteins for Development and Approval of Protein Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines

This course will be of interest and value to scientists, supervisors, and managers whose work includes performing, supervising, or managing characterization of protein drugs and drug candidates during preclinical development, clinical development, and for post-marketing changes.
30 November, 2012

Dense CO2 technology for development of ketoprofen microparticles

VarioSol® is an innovative, solvent-free technology able to produce microparticles exploiting near-critical CO(2) properties as spraying and cooling agent.
1 October, 2012

Powders: Their Properties and Processing

The purpose of this course is to review the various properties of powdered solids pertinent to the development and manufacture of the products of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and allied industries.
10 May, 2012

Non-Clinical Drug Safety Evaluation and Drug Development

A Comprehensive Explanation of the Non-Clinical Development of Drugs and Biologics.
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