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SITEC pharmabio focuses on product development and innovative formulations for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors. SITEC also offers integrated expertise in early-stage pharmaceutical R&D including formulation development and drug delivery.

Exploiting the advantages of our CO2-based cryospraying process CryoXpand, we develop lipid-based formulations of active molecules as solid micronized products to improve their physical-chemical and biopharmaceutical properties. CryoXpand is a proprietary technology based on the unique characteristics of rapidly expanding, dense carbon dioxide as congealing, atomizing and drying agent to produce microspheres in the powder form.

SITEC aims at establishing collaborations with companies developing proprietary molecules which may benefit from its cryospraying technology. We work closely with the clients to:

  • Conduct feasibility studies and product development programs up to clinical phase I-II.
  • Through network of collaborations, we work closely with clients on equipment design, engineering and fabrication at lab, pilot and industrial scale.
  • Ensure tech transfer to clients upon specific products agreement.
  • License specific products.

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